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Iris in Colaboration with the POOL Amsterdam

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

THE POOL - Amsterdam Jewelry Collective is an autonomous collective of fifteen professional jewelry makers, ranging from emerging to both mid-career and established artists.

While some originally hail from other countries, all members of the collective are based in the Netherlands.

WE RUN A SHOP in the historic heart of Amsterdam that features our members' work. The shop serves as an introduction space for a broad and varied public to view and buy works created by new and renowned talents.

WE AIM TO SHOW and sell a broad range of jewelry that is unique in concept, material, and execution as well as remaining accessible and affordable to a multitude of different audiences.


Our Story

Artist statement Iris Nieuwenburg for The Pool.


Iris Nieuwenburg creates especially for The Pool new collections.

Known as a designer in unique pieces, her attention will be here on multiples in small series.

Each time unique with focus on wearability.

These works are an addition to her one-of-a-kind jewelry.

While working in the studio, the object finds its final form and shape while working intuitively on the jewel, becoming an earring, ring, brooch, or necklace.

The pieces are growing under her hands, always the concept of movement in time in mind.


In this case Nieuwenburg chooses silver and 18 carat gilding to emphasize the pure shape in order to seduce the viewer, to touch and wear the jewel.

When worn, own memories are added and poured into the container of the jewelry.

Cherised chem
istry exhibition

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-11-09 om 12.40.08.png

8-26th November

For our exhibition during

OBSESSED! jewellery festival


Cherised chemistry exhibition
Opening 11th of November

For Obsessed! we are excited to present a group exhibition in which every piece has been made collaboratively between members. Our Cherished Chemistries, true jewelry Frankensteins, will be made by not one but by up to three pairs of hands. A laboratory of techniques, mediums and imaginaries.



We are looking forward to seeing you at the opening of the 11th or during the exhibition 8-26th November. 

All the best,
Caroline Bach, Ela Bauer, Marguerite Bones, Alex Gasparis, Paul Derez, Morgane de Klerk, Martina Turini, Gabriella Goldsmith, Chloe Valorso, Triin Kukk, Floor Mommersteeg, Q Hisashi Shibata, Sophia Zobel, Iris Nieuwenburg & Stefanie Verhoef

Visit Us

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-09-04 om 16.13.56.png

The Pool

Grimburgwal 4
1012 GA Amsterdam The Netherlands




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