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"Rotterdam-based jewel designer showes her portfolio to you.

Starting with the latest collection '‘Gilded frames from Paris '‘.

- Part 1 & 2

"Some works are currently on show at Galerie MAZLO "Le Génie des Images " _ Paris Fr."

- Currated by Céline Robin.

Press text:

Iris Nieuwenburg.

‘She creates manipulated collages that capture a certain mood and time spirit.

Brooches as frozen moments.

The choice of materials, elements, colors and composition play an important role by constructing and polishing the image.

At first glance, you can read them from the nice and light side and enjoy ‘beauty’.

However, since they are storytellers they sometimes, reveal a second layer;

By playing with a metaphor Nieuwenburg can also tell a more hidden subject in the same tale.

Her narrative jewelry makes you think of a world lost in time, but the themes she is quoting are still very much up to date.


General Technique:

I create 3D Assemblage of various material and layers, assembled with traditional goldsmith techniques.

At first glance the techniques I use are not always visible, still it plays an important part in the realization of the jewel, setting, riveting and small screws.

I evented techniques of a top layer of thick raisin applied on photo's nice thick and beautiful shiny translucent, connected on Formica and silver, which gives a lot of opportunities to make images wearable.

I combine this in my new work with the technique off electrolyze, were it is possible to grow 22crt gold and 925 Silver over a surface from non precious material.

Very Recently, I introduced the Mimaki digital printing technology into my work.

In my work I like to search in the limited space of a jewel and in the image I selected, to depth and dimensions, by combining 2 and 3 D and to play with different scales and angles in order to tell the story in his best way.



The aspect of time and transformation takes more and more a key position in my work.

I like to see time in order to refer to personal relations, I am intrigued by the highlights

of daily life and special occasions as a context for my jewelry.

I enlarge these and freeze this moment, elaborated in an more abstract, still poetic way.

I search in my new pieces the awareness and challenge of the present, composed of elements

of the past.